An Experienced Attorney Who Can Help You to Respond to a Federal Criminal Allegation

The federal government does its homework before making a criminal allegation, but they may have missed important facts and circumstances in reaching their decision. Attorney Randolph is an experienced federal criminal attorney who can help you to identify facts and circumstances that may reduce the seriousness of the charges against you, or prove your innocence.

Attorney Randolph can also help you to determine if a plea is appropriate, or the matter should go to trial. Mr. Randolph can represent you at trial, if that is the route that is chosen.


There are many types of federal crimes, such as securities fraud, racketeering, the sale of counterfeit goods, and tax evasion. What these crimes have in common is that the government must prove that you intended to commit the crime.

Attorney Randolph can help you to identify, and understand, the key facts and circumstances in your case that may ameliorate any sentence, or prove your innocence. People often quickly forget, or do not clearly remember, all of the facts and circumstances of their personal lives, or their business activities, that could be important in understanding actions you may have taken that are critical to the government's case against you.


If you receive a summons from the federal government asking to speak with you or provide documents, either for yourself or your business, Attorney Randolph can help you to decide how to respond to such a summons. Mr. Randolph can also represent you in your communications with the federal agency that sent you the summons.

Unique CPA Experience

Attorney Brad Randolph is a certified public accountant (CPA) in addition to being an experienced attorney. He has also served as treasurer and in-house counsel to a number of midsize and large corporations. This gives our clients legal, business and accounting resources in a single firm that can help to interpret the facts and circumstances in your case, and determine whether the government can prove intent to commit a crime.

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