What Keeps New York Business Leaders Up At Night?

You are a leader of the business where you work, and you may even be the president or chairman of the board.  I expect that you get the most enjoyment from capturing new business opportunities and keeping your existing divisions on a path of increasing profitability.

What can ruin this for you, and I expect that you worry about this every day, are the surprises, whether it is a missed opportunity, a surprise hit to earnings, a major legal suit filed against your company, or a serious legal issue which has led to a federal, state or foreign civil or criminal investigation, or a domestic or international tax audit.

You already have people in your company who help you on these matters, but as paid employees, they may have a different perspective than an independent outside advisor.  Also, your outside professional advisor, whether an attorney, accountant or financial advisor, is often focused on a single area of practice.

Address Tax And Litigation Risk; Capture Business Opportunities

Attorney Randolph has worked for more than 20 years on legal, accounting and business matters.  His legal experiences include civil litigation in state and federal courts, criminal litigation in federal courts, coordination with counsel in foreign countries on international litigation and tax matters.  Mr. Randolph's business experience includes evaluating business opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, including assistance on competitive bidding for companies and large dollar assets.  He has extensive experience in U.S. and international tax and accounting matters.

Mr. Randolph has acted as secretary of boards of directors, and he understands the logistics of presenting opportunities to the board and dealing with sensitive risk issues.

Mr. Randolph's diversified experience can help you to minimize those risks that make you worry when you go to sleep at night, and capture those business opportunities that you like to work on during your business day.  Some of the related services he provides his clients are:

  • Working with your staff to modify your accounting system to develop aggressive, but reasonable, intercompany pricing formulas that can withstand a U.S. or foreign audit, including the application of the Inclusive Framework on base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) developed by the OECD/G20, which involves more than 100 countries and jurisdictions.
  • Working with your asset acquisition department to develop an economic model to value a company, or large dollar asset, that you think you want to purchase, or bid for, whether in the U.S. or abroad, but you are uncertain of its value, or what to bid for it.
  • Working with your litigation department to evaluate the dollar risk of a target company that has numerous legal claims that have been filed against it, to determine the impact on your company's offer price.
  • Working with your internal communications group to develop a workable, private communications link between company employees, and the president, chief financial officer and general counsel, to facilitate, and encourage, direct communication between employees and the preceding identified officers, of significant risks and opportunities, that they feel uncomfortable bringing to the attention of their supervisors.
  • In a bidding environment for a company, meeting with top executives of the target to prepare contracts that can effectively retain the services of key personnel, including the period of retention.

Unique Experience With Both A CPA And MBA

Attorney Brad Randolph is a certified public accountant (CPA) and has an MBA, in addition to being an experienced attorney.  He has also served as treasurer and in-house counsel to a number of midsize and large corporations, both public and private.  This gives our clients legal, business and accounting resources, including risk management, in a single firm that can help to grow your business, and minimize the unpleasant surprises that can cause major damage to your company or your career.

Protect Your Business, Talk To A Lawyer Today.

If you are working to capture business opportunities, or dealing with domestic or international business, litigation and tax risk, we are here to help you explore your options.  Contact our Manhattan law firm online, or by telephone at (212) 235-1456.