Foreign Investment And The U.S. Taxation Of Foreign Income

For individuals and businesses making large investments overseas, the need for careful tax planning is paramount. Proper accounting of foreign investment capital is necessary to maintaining a healthy bottom line in addition to fortifying against risk and liability. One oversight in accounting could lead to serious financial loss and even criminal allegations.

Whether you have made, or are seeking to make, investments overseas, it is important to handle your tax issues competently.

Helpful Perspective And Guidance From An Experienced International Tax Attorney In New York City

At M. Bradford Randolph, Esq., PLLC, we handle a wide range of taxation issues, including international tax matters involving the taxation of foreign investments. Here, you will work with an experienced tax attorney who is also a CPA, giving you value and efficiency in handling your most critical international taxation issues.

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Advantageous Tax Rates

An experienced attorney can help you position yourself for the most advantageous book and cash tax rates possible. We have been handling complex foreign investment matters for over 25 years and have an in-depth understanding of the laws and procedures involved. Our aim is to help U.S. companies get the lowest books and cash tax rate available under the law for their foreign investments. We also understand the link between tax structure and cash management in operating an international business, and we have experience in planning and implementing international business restructurings.

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