Avoid Unnecessary Risk And Liability In Tax Audits

The IRS has called. Do you have a strategy in place? Experienced legal counsel can be the difference between getting through an audit in one piece and experiencing significant loss.

An Effective Manhattan Tax Audit Lawyer

Located in New York, New York, tax audit attorney Brad Randolph provides comprehensive legal and financial protection to individuals both domestically and abroad during the audit process.

We have been representing individuals and companies during the IRS audit process for more than 25 years. Our tax defense firm knows the steps the IRS will take and makes proactive moves to protect our clients' privacy during the IRS audit process, make sure the IRS is not overreaching and prevent IRS fishing expeditions.

Contact M. Bradford Randolph, Esq., PLLC, for representation during audits by the IRS or state taxation authorities.

Protect Yourself During An IRS Audit

Tax examinations, or audits, are intense procedures used by the IRS to investigate your financial and business information. The IRS has many broad powers at its disposal. It may summon your bank accounts, require you to provide employment records and information about your debts. The IRS can also contact third parties - including your employer, business associates, family and friends - question them and force them to testify as to your financial circumstances.

IRS audits can not only result in increased tax penalties, they can also cause personal embarrassment, place strain on working relationships and cause damage to personal reputations.

If you received an Information Document Request (IDR) from the IRS, you are being audited. Every move you make during the IRS audit process has the potential to expose you to additional financial liability and potential criminal charges. It is extremely important to speak with an experienced tax lawyer.

As an experienced tax attorney, Brad Randolph has been successfully representing individuals during the audit process for more than two decades. In addition to being a lawyer, Mr. Randolph is also a CPA. This financial background allows him to thoroughly evaluate his clients' financial situation to determine what steps are necessary to protect them against additional tax liabilities and potential criminal charges.

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